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Cape Horn
It is one of the southernmost of the three capes of the southern hemisphere and delimits the northern boundary of the Drake Passage that separates America from Antarctic where the Pacific Ocean is connected with the Atlantic Ocean. Cape Horn was one of the milestones of commercial navigation routes, sailing boats, facing strong winds, waves and icebergs. Navigating through this place is considered one of the major nautical challenges nowadays.

It is unthinkable to imagine that Cape Hornís indomitable routes used to be the routes of aboriginal peoples in the region. Cape Horn for sailors is the Everest of the oceans. It is more than probably that few will take this risk, but is also true that they will also be those who will set a precedent for the history and their stories of lives. These brave men are known as the Captains of the Patagonia. Itís time to become part of them.
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